Sunday, January 19, 2014

...MoJo MonDaY...

Getting back into the blogging swing of things with a MoJo MoNDaY sketch...these ALwaYs inspire me...

My friends knew about my GLaMPeR fetish and that my color scheme was going to be ReD and TuRQuoiSE...and I got RiDiCuLouS amounts of AWeSoME stuff for my birthday...ReaLLy...I have the BeST friends and family!!  So of course I needed to make thank you notes themed to match my SWeeT presents!!

This stamp was one of my gifts :)  It is the CuTeST thing!!!  I LoVE it!!

The card and white polka dots with a turquoise border were purchased at Target...they CaME that way!!! SooOOoOooo PeRFeCT!!  All I had to do was add a squidge of personality :)

Here's the envelope front...

...and the back...because I just HaD to use that stamp again!!

I liked this sketch a was so fun to work with!! :)

Thanks for looking! 

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