Tuesday, October 2, 2012

...LaSt CarD StaNdiNg UpDaTe...

So the emails went out Sunday morning letting people know if they had been chosen to continue on to the 

TOP 10 

in the 


....WiNneR WinNeR...

...ChiCkEN DiNneR...

ok...to be honest, in my case it would be 

...SoY ProTieN BaSeD DiNneR...
since I'm vegetarian...

but that just really doesn't have the same ring to it ;)

You can see a listing of the rest of the AmAzinGly talented winners HERE

...and follow all the updates and such on the Spiltcoaststampers forum for Taylored Expressions TOP 10...

So...I would have blogged it yesterday but we were up visiting the MoUsE...

We hung out by the pool, ordered drinks, spent the night at the hotel, went to the park, 

met some new friends,

and hung out with some old ones.

Except for the fact that it was 104 degrees on October 1, it was a GrEaT time!!

Ok...back to the real world...time to get busy making my next entry for the contest.

This week we have to use one stamp to create both a masculine AND a separate feminine card...

Should be ExCiTinG!!

I can't wait to see what the rest of these talented women come up with!

none of us can post our cards on our blogs until after next Sunday...it's all ToP SeCReT until then ;)

Thanks for LoOkiNng and have a great week!'

Thanks for looking!

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