Friday, October 5, 2012

...DS72 SketCh and a TreaT BaG...

just a quick HoLiDaY card I made last night to release some steam after doing 70 minutes of 6th grade MaTH...


Least Common Multiple, Greatest Common Divisor, Improper head hurt and I needed something to reduce the stomach acid that had exploded from trying to convince an 11 year old that I wasn't an idiot and I did indeed know how to do his math (after I read the instructions in his math book ;)   )

So here is the sketch I used from the Deconstructing Jen blog....

It looked really complicated...but I just started layering...

...and kept layering, and matting...and layering some more ;)

I love the colors...I stamped the background with the birch trees in PTI Kraft ink and then colored in between them with a copic....I've never done anything like that before...I think I'll try it again...

Here's my deer up close...the wreath has liquid pearl and stickles dot decorations on it 


I'm going to link it up on her blog.

At 6:45 this morning...the boys leave for school at 7:05... Connor says to me..."do you have some candy or something that I can take in for Matt?  It's his last day at school" 


He knew I went upstairs to craft after we finished homework last night...WHY didn't he ask then???????

Oh...silly me...he's a 11 year old boy at that....

How could I POSSIBLY expect him to plan and think ahead?!?!?!?!??!

anyway...we happened to have  a bag of candy and I made a topper in under 10 minutes...

not the cutest thing ever...but really...10 minutes from the request to me handing it to him as a completed item?  It's not bad....Speed Crafting is never going to be for me...but I do have to admit, it makes waaaaaayyyyyy less of a mess than when I agonize over every decision and audition 27 papers for each section of a project...I just used what was sitting on my desk and t had to be good enough :)

Of I'm looking at the picture thinking it needed a solid base layer and the sentiment is too big and maybe two BIG eyeballs would have been better....ack!  SiLLy!!  

Like the 11 year old boy cares about anything except the CANDY inside!!??!!??

Today at noon is the due date for all of the TE LCS entries to be posted...I can't wait to see all of the FuN creations!!  Then on Sunday the ToP 5 are picked...YiKeS!!  My stomach hurts just thinking about it...I'm going to go clean something to get my mind off it!

Happy FriDaY!!

thanks for LoOking!


  1. What a fun card! Love the reindeer! He is indeed festive. I think you did a great job on your speed crafting project. So cute! Have a wonderful day! =)

  2. A beautiful Christmas card - I love how you did the background.