Tuesday, August 30, 2011

...August SfYtT...

Here's the sketch for this month...

ok...nothing like waiting until the last minute...  :)  ...I'm thinking I didn't do this before now because I have a definite aversion (that is soooooo putting it mildly) to anything tilted or slanted on my cards...so that wacky main panel kinda scared me off.

I just decided to do it anyway and if it made me crazy(er) then I could always just turn the dang thing straight up and down...it's not like the sketch police were going to come and take away all my toys if I rotated something!!   :)

Turns out...I kinda like it...not enough to do it again without serious prompting...but it turns out sweet with just that little tilt...I guess someone who's come up with over 100 sketches knows what they are doing!! :)

Here's a closer shot of the center panel...I used rhinestones in the centers of some of the snowflakes and glued a border of chunky glitter around the green panel behind the tree layer...

...and here's the envelope.

Thanks for looking!

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  1. This color combination is really striking. The chunky glitter and sparkle on the tree is gorgeous.