Saturday, July 23, 2011

PTI stamp-a-faire Challenge #8

Stamp-a-faire Challenge #7 just didn't happen...too big a mess on my desk and LuNCh time for the boys...they have been very patient while I create and TOTALLY destroy my craft cubby...I figured I could take a little break and feed them. :)

Stamp-a-faire Challenge #8

We have another little project I designed using the exclusive Iconic Images set that is one of my personal favorites from the day!

I paired up the beautiful sentiment & bird from Iconic Images with the fern from Peaceful Garden.  I love the way the fern & the bird layered together for this.  I cut a thin strip of Vintage Cream cardstock and stamped it with one of the small medallions from Iconic Images repeatedly.  I've said it once, but I'll say it again, those little pieces are one of the most amazing parts of this exclusive stamp set!
I thought I would challenge you to create a card with an front cover that is cut back by an inch or so.  The extra lip invites you to add a sentiment, a strip of patterned paper, a bit of glitter, just so many opportunities!

Here's Challenge #8...

I've made this card before ... for my niece's 16th bd in different I added the side sentiment strip using the "Sweet" from Friendship Jar and some numbers from Fresh Alphabet...

I like the shrinking of the top of the card and adding a little something inside...I'll definitely be doing this one again! :)


  1. So fun!! Makes me think of fruit stripe gum....yum!!!!

  2. Very bold and graphic - love it.

    Caryn xxx

  3. Well done! Loving the Life Savers stripes and embossed to boot! So clever. What I also love is how polished your card looks. It looks as if it took some time to do. Not rushed at all. Very cool!

  4. Hey Jen...thanks for the sweet comment...This card was super quick because there was no design work...all I did was remake a card I'd already done and added the side sentiment's funny how much faster things go when you're on autopilot :)

  5. What a fun card! I just ordered Enjoy the Ride today. Can't wait to play with it!