Thursday, February 20, 2014

..CAS (e) GinGiE...

For this card, I used this week's CAS(e) this sketch….unfortunately…I blew it again this week and they post new challenges on Thursdays….I totally should have posted yesterday…sigh…I need a blog challenge notebook or bulletin board or something :)

I got totally sucked in to ChRisTMaS seeing that snowman…so I went with it and am linking up over at the CHRiSTMaS CaRD CHaLLeNgE blog too :)  …that XMaS stash is growing nicely :)

I made a GinGiE instead of a snowman…but he's nice and clean and simple there on that VaST expanse of WHiTE cardstock…  It is so AMAZinGLY difficult for me to make cards like this…I always want to add a layer or emboss or glitter or SoMEThiNG!!  I punched holes in the corners and threaded the baker's twine through instead of layering and I think it added just enough 

The  "icing" marks on his arms and legs are the stripe or steam stamp from the PTI warm happiness set…it was sitting on my desk and ToTaLLY looked like a viable  frosting option to me when I saw it…usually I would have added rick rack…but the image in the sketch challenge looked CoMPLeTeLY flat….I kinda felt like I was cheating by using paper to make my GinGiE instead of stamping that image…not that the card police are going to show up and take away my paper trimmer if I wiggle the sketch…but still…I try to be law abiding :)

…and here's the envie…I kept it nice and clean too…but I was cracking myself up with  the paper choice…sometimes, it's the smallest things that amuse me :)

Thanks for looking!

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