Friday, October 19, 2012

...PeNnY BLacK ReiNDeEr... know it has an excellent chance of being a good day when...

...the morning starts off with a pumpkin spice latte delivered by your dad and a new christmas idea magazine... complete the giftie for your neighbor...including a cute envelope...

(it's not cookies, but I'd forgotten that I'd picked up this turkey votive holder and a candle for her the last time I was at Bath&Body Works)

...AND you manage to MAKE something during nap time...

...on my last trip to the local scrapbook store...
when I was looking for HaLLoWeEn paper...

I bought the CuTeST PeNnY BLacK stamp set...

and I hoped yesterday that I'd get to use it on a redo of this week's great sketch from

...and I squeezed it in when I was supposed to be folding laundry during nap time...

maybe if I'm really lucky 

~the laundry fairy~

 will come and take care of that load of towels for me


any's my card...

AcK...she is sooooo CuTe!!!!!  That reindeer is AdoRabLe!!!
and I was worked perfectly with this sketch...and I used ANOTHER previously unopened KI kit!

Here's a closer view..the snowflake is coated in prisma glitter and so is the strip of snow in the background...and so is the floor and my pants and the cat...that stuff is so fine it gets EVERYWHERE!!  

ok...I really do need to go finish the laundry now...I know the Laundry Fairy boycotts my house ;(

Thanks for looking and 
Have a GrEaT weekend!


  1. Oh! This is so adorable! I love it! Such a happy wintry card.

  2. This is just adorable! I love the glittery nose on the reindeer and all the wonderful details! Thanks for joining us at the Deconstructed Sketch!

  3. How DARLING! I absolutely love the colors you used, too! Great take on the Deconstructed Sketch!