Friday, October 26, 2012

...not blogging but still crafty.

Here's a quick update of the week in crafty pictures...

...the wheel of fortune our family donated to my son's middle school for their Fallfest...

the nice woodshop teacher at my hubby's school cut it out on his machine, hubby made the base and I painted
...and painted...and painted it...
the painting alone took probably close to 12 hours...those numbers were a nightmare!!

Halloween cookies I decorated at my mom's house

she made the cookies and I came over and made up the frosting and then we got busy 

this is my favorite belongs to a very artsy, fashion forward witch ;)

a cute polka dot set....I completely copied the double dot idea from a picture my mom had...
I love it and will definitely do it again!

It was red ribbon week at Connor's school and one day was CraZy HaiR day.

I think this qualifies!

This picture was taken AFTER a full day of school...we use some SERIOUS product!

but the big time sucker this week was book club hosted at my house...

I'll blog some pictures of that tomorrow.

Today I'm off to the pumpkin patch with the daycare kidlets :)
It is such a blast!  I love the tractor ride and watching them run through the field of pumpkins.
They come home filthy and tired but happy.

Have a great weekend!

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