Wednesday, September 19, 2012

TaYLoReD ExPrEsSiOnS...last card standing

So I've been on a break...from all forms of crafting.  I've churned out the occasional cupcake or baseball treat package...but the craft cubby had been left in such HiDeOuS disrepair that just glancing in the general direction made me break out in hives and run screaming downstairs...

I wasn't a total slacker this summer...I read over 50,000 pages...and if that didn't make me any smarter, I'm sure  the 20,000,000 games of solitaire and Scramble with Friends I played, bumped me up to near Mensa status ;)

Okay, guess I need to retract that whole -I wasn't a total slacker- thing...because I was a slacker...and it was awesome.

For the first time in my adult life, I had ZERO interest in making, crafting, designing, imagining, or even pondering anything decorative.

 It was like I was on a creative strike.

It was weird.

At one point, I might have suggested to my husband that we "get rid of all this crafty crap and put some exercise equipment in here"....I'm not sure who or WHAT invaded my body and said that...but thankfully hubby isn't an idiot!

So...any who...last week I got an email from TE announcing their new contest...that colored TE is actually the link to the blog post, not just colorful ramblings like the rest them...

I felt a twinge....then I felt a little tingle...then I called the small equipment rental company and ordered a bulldozer to clear some counter space in the cubby...and I was off...

Here's my card using the adorable TE witch 

She's paper pieced...a LOT of pieces...and shhhh....but she's wearing a striped slip under her cute polka dot dress...not because her mama raised her right, but because I glued down the striped dress and then realized I hated it but there was NO way I was recoloring her face and hair and re cutting the hair and tights and hat and band on the hat get the idea...

....Just a few layers on this card....


and there's even a cute little spider stamp on the spiders go, he is awfully cute  :)

I didn't exactly set any land speed records...but I did get my room cleaned up and managed to turn out a card that I'm not embarrassed to post on SCS...honestly...the one card took over 5 hours...and it's not what I saw in my head...but it was fun and I enjoyed making it...which is something that hasn't happened in a looooong time!

Actually, I enjoyed it enough to go clean up my cubby from today's disaster and get it set up to make something else and blogging all in one day?!?!?!?!?  I'm thinking TaYloReD ExPreSsiOnS must have  magical crafting fairy dust that they sent over here virtually...and I'm awfully glad they did! ;)

Thanks for looking!


  1. I just have to ask about the lettering on the sides... is that a stamp, or your writing -- and what ink is so very, very silver? The card ROCKS! Great job! I love your writing, too -- so humorous

  2. For major construction projects, you might need an actual bulldozer to do the job.