Thursday, September 27, 2012

...LaSt CaRd 15 I worked all week on my card for the

I found the stamps that I wanted to use pretty quickly...

the problem was...they were PreTtY stamps...

and PrettY and I don't usually do well together :/

I ended up with 4 cards...but then I realized that I didn't follow the directions on the last card I made...there was no patterned paper...which is a total bummer since I absolutely ADORE that card ;) here's the card I went with

...I just loved how the saying went with the bird silhouette image even though they're from different sets...

Here's a closer view of that gorgeous bird stamp...I used PTI ribbon, some rhinestones, and a TE leaf die cut just to add a little interest.  I liked how the embossed stamp looked on the polka dot patterned made me happy just looking at it...I struggled coming up with the rest of the card...PreTtY just does me in every time!

This is actually the first card I made...I liked it, but it looks like every other card out there...there just wasn't anything special about least it didn't seem special enough to me for this contest...

so then I made this one...this is what I would call the most masculine color palette of the bunch and both of the boys in my house chose this one...kinda funny... and again, I really liked this card, but I just thought there might be something better lurking in the supplies in my craft cubby...

So...I made this card last night and I LOVE it!!!

It is absolutely the most beautiful thing I have ever made when you see it in person.

The hubby approved.

I've never sponged a background before and it looks like I bought absolutely screams SuNSeT... doesn't follow the contest rules...I completely left out not only 2 different patterned papers...but ANY patterned paper at all!  OooOOoPs!!  ;(

oh's in my stash now...and maybe someday I'll make something better and be willing to actually send this to someone...I'm not the only one that has a "mailable" stash and a "hoarder" stash am I????

Hopefully, I chose the right card to enter and get to move on.

The cards I've seen that have already been posted are AbSoLutELy AMAZING!!
to see the second round of cards, click HERE

I feel very lucky to even be in the top 15!

Thanks for looking

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