Thursday, November 10, 2011

...cHriStMaS coming SooN...

sorry for the lack of activity is getting in the way! :(

here's a quick HaLLowEeN goodie...

When I went to package up the daycare kiddos HaLLowEen treats....ON HaLLoWeEn (oopS) I realized what I bought wasn't going to fit into the adorable DoLLaR bin bags I had purchased at Target...YiKeS!!

So I ran out to the garage, and altered some white lunch sacks I had.  Thank goodness there's such a hoard stash of good stuff in my garage cupboards! :)

I've made 7 items for ChriStMaS gift ideas under $5 for our craft group that met last night...I proMise to PhotoGraPH those and start bLoggINg them tomorrow!   Stay tuned!

Thanks for looking!
Have a great Thursday!

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