Tuesday, November 15, 2011

...ChriStMaS CaNdY...

I got home from a meeting one night last week and was waiting for my husband to finish up a phone call...instead of pacing and being impatient...I went into the cubbyhole and made this.

Seriously...20 minutes...and I was done.

I used one of the clear purses from Taylored Expressions...I have a bunch of extras from the baby shower...and there was a doily laying on my desk...so I used that...

The new Papertrey Tremendous Treats:Christmas set was sitting there too...I stamped it up, colored it...and ta-da...CutE-NeSs...

I tied the ribbon around the purse and held up the doily...but you could see the ribbon through the doily...yuck! I punched a red circle and it fit PerfEctLy behind the center of the doily...LoVe when that happens!

I added a baker's twine bow and a sweet, sparkly jingle bell I picked up at Michaels. 

I colored Santa's beard a really light grey and then added little white swirls to it for some interest...I also added a little chunky glitter to Santa's hat...Every fat man needs a little bling right?

I had a package of HersheY choCoLaTe BeLLs in the kitchen just waiting for a crafty project...the ENTIRE bag (minus the 3 silver ones...really??? how could an entire bag only have 3 silver ones?) fits into the purse...

I'm making up a dozen or so of these...they are quick, I already have everything to make the package, and I think they are perfect for Sanford to give to the ladies in the school office and for Connor to give to his previous teachers :)

Thanks for looking!
Have a GreAt Tuesday!

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