Sunday, October 9, 2011

...HaLLowEen DecOraTiOns...part 2...

If I get my act together, there will probably even be a part 3 later in the week with my outside decorations :)

It takes a while to set up 25 fake pumpkins...and plugging them all in would probably make most firemen cringe...but I'm hoping to get my fire hazard set up this week :)'s my 5 minute front door wreath...nothing spectacular...but...

I just bought a black wreath at Michaels, added a bow and a big ol' crEePy spider...he was a little ToO crEePy for daycare approval so I added the gOogly eyes to cute-ify him.

I bought the BOO! at Target a few years ago and backed it with orange paper so that it stood out a little better.  All done.  I was going to make a black wreath with a foam form and tulle...but this guy was $ that price...why reinvent the wheel?!?

Sorry these next pictures are so rotten...This mirror has a view into a cute but busy photo collage on the far was really distracting when I tried to take the picture straight on, so I ended up laying on they ground to try to get a pic without that reflection...You get the idea'll just have to believe me that it looks better in person :)

Here's my HaLLowEen MantLe...some metal bats from Michael's ( I LoVe their little hangers!!) just a few decorations and this year I put a phrase on the mirror instead of just one word...

Here's a close up of the mirror.  Just cricut letters and shadows for the most part.  I cuttlebug embossed the black letters for a little interest and I hand cut and glittered the ~or~ because I didn't have a cartridge that would do it the way I wanted.  That one little 2 letter word took twice as long as all the rest of the letters!!

Here are my candlesticks that stay up year round and just get different add-ons...I used Pier One candles (the flavor that is on sale this month) and added a few paper strips and a drippy goo punch just to creep them up a bit...The AweSoMe purple EEK! is from the Target dollar bin last year.

This is my fun HaLloWeEn purchase for this year...a glitterfied WiTcH BoOt from Pier One (I kinda like that store...kinda  a lot...)  The swirls coming out of the top and purple added to the traditional color scheme are what sold this to me :)

Thanks for looking!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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  1. That witch boot surely looks fabulous! Does it come in pairs?