Tuesday, September 6, 2011

...GueSs WhOoo...TaKe tWooOoo....

Ok...do you have your thinking hats on?

You're going to have to be ReD Hot to get this one.

Here's your PuNnY clue....

My son looked at this and asked me if I was going to fill it with Hot Tamales...I kissed him and told him he was brilliant. :)

Do you know who it is?

If you think it's a DeViL...you are correcct!!  Woo-Hoo!!!  You are SooooOooo good at this game!  :)

...and here he is.  He was made the same way as all this creepy counterparts...hand cut felt, hand stitching, and chalked cheeks.  His evil eyebrows crack me up...truth be told, so does his little goatee :)~  kinda reminds me of my husband!

I'm not sure if you can tell in the picture, but that's FLamE paper on the jar behind him.   I searched the cubbyhole for 30 minutes looking for it...and then...when I couldn't find it and was about to give up...I looked back in the first place and there it was.  GrRrRRrr....I hate that!!  It makes me wonder if I temporarily became male or something...quite frustrating...and messy!  I swear the cubbyhole would get condemned if an inspector came by right now!! YiKeS!!!!!!

Any way...I've got another monster for you tomorrow...I think he's my favorite...

Thanks for lOoking and have a terrific Tuesday!!

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