Saturday, July 16, 2011

SwEeT 16

My niece turned 16 this week! does that happen?!? One minute you're changing their diapers and you blink and they want a car...YiKeS!!!

Here is her ~gift ensemble~ 

I bought the bag and just added a banner strip to match the card...not much of an ~ensemble~ I guess :) but cute...

I had already made her this card but in different colors...but I realized the colors weren't really didn't match the bag!!!  That is a crime punishable by death somewhere! :)  

So I got was super quick since there was no thinking on the card...just re-doing...and I got to fix the mistakes I made the first time...I had popped the VW bug panel up on white paper and realized that a black mat would look that got fixed...I changed the ribbon too...

....and the envelope...can I just say this could be my favorite envie ever!!!!

And what do you get for a 16 year old girl?!?

A car of course...

...but I had to get one that would fit in her cute bag :)  

The pink tree air fresheners coordinated so well, they had to go in as well!

The real gift was inside the envelope...I used a die from PTI to cut out the sweet little seed envelope inside and embossed it to match the accents on the bag...

GollY...that little vW bug stamp even looks cute completely naked!!

side note...she did turn was a MilEStoNe I put $100 bill in the card...crazy girl pulled it out and looked inside to see if there was something else!!!  rEAlLy???  looking for keys, maybe?  Sheesh!!

Here she is blowing out her candles on the beautiful cake Grammi made her...

Ahhhhhh.....she's so cute....  :)

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