Friday, July 29, 2011

a LitTLe OrgAnIZaTiOn...

Here are a few detail pictures of how I organize different products...mainly PTI...

Here's the cubby my hubby built for me ages ago...

Originally I was upset because it was supposed to be about 1/5 this size and used for something completely different.

Obviously he knows best because I absolutely LOVE this and it hold a ToN of stuff!

 Here are small 2 up albums where I keep my small $5 sets from PTI...labeled to make them easier to find.

Here is my PTI paper storage.  Each color has a manila folder next to it to put scraps in.  This system has worked great for me and I actually use the scrap pieces I save because it's just as easy to grab a scrap as it is to grab a whole new sheet.

Here is button storage.  Tubes from PTI hold juuuust about an entire package of their buttons.  Sometimes if you get a lot of big ones, you have a dozen or so that won't fit in.

They are stuck in a box that originally held a set of photo is the PErfEcT size for the tubes...I'm going to be a little sad when they come up with 2 more new colors and everything doesn't fit so neatly any more!

Here is how the buttons go in the tubes.  This was an entire bag of Fine Linen buttons.

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  1. Every time I see your work space I have the strongest desire to be as organized. You have a gift! :) Your space is beautiful!