Thursday, January 30, 2014

...WiLD HaRE...

so...last night I got a WiLD HaiR...ummmm  HaRE... Uhhhhh...HaiR...whichever....I made this :)

I had sketched it out a few weeks ago and been thinking about it for a while...I knew the bunny was going to be PeeP-isH and felt...but originally I thought the rest of the band would be paper...

Then I started thinking about how fun it would be to have a decorated drink cup I could use repeatedly...Like an adult sippy cup...kind of...and I decided to use ribbon and trims instead of paper...then I am I going to wash it??

I went looking for Velcro but I couldn't find any...I know there's some in the CuBbY...SoMEWheRE...but I was impatient and when I came across these Basic Grey magnets...the word BiNGO...might have actually popped into my head...  :)

The magnets ended up being quicker any sew...just GLuE GuN...

I had to trim the trims behind the bunny so that they didn't overlap and make things too bulky...

There is currently a traditional MasoN JaR lid on top so that I could add the SWeeT stamped image (TaYLoReD EXPreSsionS) to the top...but I plan on swapping that out for a cute DaiSY cut lid and a LiME GReeN CHeVroN paper straw when I go to actually use the cup :)

I'll have the best looking drink at the neighborhood egg hunt/drop  this  year!!

Here's a better view of the stamped and embossed lid...I think I might make a few more of these for Connor's teachers and fill them with EgG shaped SugaR CooKieS...that boy needs all the help he can get sucking up at school  ;)

Ok...I'll get back to VaLenTIne'S GooDieS now...but I'm glad I embraced last night's wild hair/hare...even if I'm so early I had to fill it with Valentine candy because there wasn't even EaSTeR candy in the store yet! 

Thanks for LooKinG!! :)
Have a GReat DaY

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