Thursday, January 23, 2014

...CHriSTMaS ChaLLeNGe...and PeNnY BLaCK...

This past HoliDaY season, I found myself digging through my stash of ChriSTMaS cards quite was nice to have several to chose from when I wanted to add a special note or send out a nicer thank you.  I decided the idea of making one every week or so was a good one and the people at THe WeeKLY CHRiSTmaS CarD CHaLLeNGe were on to something BRiLLiaNT!

Spreading the cards out instead of mass producing will make each card more special and elaborate...a look I a challenge is always fun right?!?!

Ummm....yah...right...not when this week's challenge was a single layer card.


Me??????  produce something with only ONE layer?!?!?!

The thought was horrifying...and a little overwhelming...I have honestly been known to put 20 layers on a's not a conscious's just how I roll...  :/

enough's what I came up with...

Technically there is only one layer of paper...I just cut a hole in it to make it look like another that cheating?  I sure hope not~!

The ADoRaBLe Penny Black set was sitting next to my desk waiting to get put away...and as I looked at it...I thought...Heeeeeeeey....THaT might work! 

I went over to the ChaLLeNgE site and saw that it asked to use something NeW...well...this set was brand new...and I'm thinking that little seal friend of hers looks pretty new too :) Nothing like a baby animal to up the cuteness factor on anything...not that PeNnY BLaCK stamps need to resort to that!  EVeRY one is ADoRabLE!!!

I went looking for some snowflake paper for the front...but when I found this sheet of October Afternoon aspen paper...I thought she could look like she was hiding in the woods instead of playing in the snow :)

Then it just needed I stamped the little bird on there from a PTI set and called it done.

Here's a close up of my girlies "fur" gotta LoVE Martha Stewart glitter!!!  I used a glue pen and did small sections at a time...I used my paper piercer to clean off the black coat outlines with each addition to give the coat some definition.  A few copics, some stickles that was sitting on my desk from a previous project, and that was it...

While trying to come up with a card that only had one layer made my head ACHE...I will admit that there was a lot less to clean up when the card was finished :)

...and here's the envie... I added a layer...but it's on the envelope not the it shouldn't count against me right?!?!?!?

I'm so excited to have started a CHRiSTMaS box for next year!!  It makes me feel all organized and on top of things! :p

Thanks for LooKinG!


  1. This is such a cute and fun card hun! Thanks for playing at PBSC this month! xxx