Wednesday, October 19, 2011

..TaYLoReD ExPrEsSioNs BLasT from the PaSt HoP...

It's time for this month's BLaST from the PasT HoP featuring older TaYLoreD ExPrEsSioNs stamps...

The theme was  TriCK or SwEeT 

...and there was an AwEsOmE sketch by had A LOT of little was definitely ChaLLenGinG for me!

I'm adding the HoPPers list here because there are hop-rule breaking photos at the end of this post and you might not be scrolling down there :)

I would HaTe for you to miss out on anything that the TaLentEd CrafTers made for this fun BLaSt from the PaST HoP...

I decided if I was going to do that much work, I wanted it to be a little more than a I used one of the AmAZinG boxes from TE...

and made this...

 I used the LiMe TwiSt pad from MME...not exactly traditional HaLLoWeEn colors...but I LOVE that paper!!

I heat embossed the AmAzing spider web from the SpOokY ExPreSsioNs set on a piece of vellum, then I flipped it over and stamped the spider from FriGhT NigHt FaVoRs on top...

I used more white embossing powder to make the cauldron and bubbles...I couldn't get the sweet little froggie in the image to work out for me, so I swapped him out with a cool toad ceramic button that I've had forever...

I LoVe the ~what's brewing?~ sentiment with the witch funny!!  

Here's a side view so that you can see how the box turned out with all those cute  LiMe TwiSt papers on it...You just can't go wrong with PoLKa DoTs and StRiPes!! :)'s where things get a little questionable...

If you are a law-abiding, letter of the law following, true blue..BLAST FROM THE PAST Hopper...stop now!!!  Consider that my ENTIRE project and move on....

  ***SERIOUSLY....If YOu GO AnY FARtHeR...***

 We ARE LEaViNG the PAST and ENTERING the PREsEnT...

OkaY...If you'Re SUrE...ScRoLL DowN...    :)

Now, only the DanGeRouS...LiviN on the Edge...ReBeL CraFteRs are left right???  LOL!!!!!!  So, technically, this is an inset, so the box remain true to the past...

I used MoKa TaBiTha and the spell from FangTasTIc which are contraband as far as the BLaSt from the PaST are concerned...but I knew they were perfect for this!!!!

I ordered the test tubes last year to use as treats in my son's class, but they were too small to even hold skittles or M&Ms...they worked out great here though! :)

I created the inset for the tubes, punched some holes, and filled it with unpopped popcorn to make everything stand upright for pictures...being the CuB ScoUt PopCoRn Kernel and having a garage full of popcorn came in mighty handy! :)

Here's a better view of the inside of the box...

and here is the inset slid into the box...

Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy seeing what all the other amazing hoppers made!

Have a woNdeRFuL Wednesday!!


  1. Gorgeous colors, Jen, and what a fun, fun treat!

  2. Fabulous project, Jen!! Love how you decorated the box and the treat holder is so gorgeous. Love how you coloured the image. Great job!

  3. LOL!! OK...first off, your post ToTALLY made me laught! I think your contraband insert is TOTALLY and utterly AMAZING! SO glad you broke the rules (lol)...this is FAB!

  4. Your Blast from the Past box is just adorable, love the little froggie! And the project from the present--is just too darn cute! Love it with the popcorn kernels!

    Chris L.

  5. Too cute, Jen!! LOVE both projects and thanks for the laugh! I'm so glad I kept scrolling to enter the present! ;)

  6. So cool projects! Thanks for sharing Jen! :)

  7. Both projects are adorable Jen and love them. Thanks for sharing!

  8. These are super cute projects!! Awesome job!!

  9. Such a cute set!! Seriously, you are such a rebel ;) Great job, love it all thanks for sharing :)

  10. OMG!!! This is absolutely adorable....I just love your box design and the inside is such a darling surprise!!!!!!

  11. LOL! I enjoyed reading your post SO much :)
    Your projects are AH-maaazing! and inspiring! I love what you put together here :) TFS!
    hugs, margie

  12. AWESOME project!!! On the outside I LOVE the patterned papers and the What's Brewing? sentiment!!!! And the inside....oh my goodness!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! Tabitha is SO DARLING and those tubes are SO SUPER FUN!!!

  13. O.M.G!!! Not only is your proper project super cute, but your contraband insert is adorable!! I love them both!! Great job! (and you're right. Moka Tabitha is perfect!)

  14. What a super cute project! I love what you did with the test tubes putting them inside the box!

  15. You are disgustingly creative ... and I wish you lived close to me!