Sunday, October 23, 2011

holy's a...NoN HaLLoweeN ...NoN ChriStMaS ...card...What was I thinking???  :)

I used the color challenge from the EmbeLLish MagaZiNe bLoG...

I loved the colors and the fact that they wanted me to use BuTTonS :)

I combined it with the sketch from Jen Schultz on her DeconStRuCting JeN blog..

I inked up this beautiful SunFlower PTI set for the first's been sitting sad and lonely for toooo long!

I saw this paper at my LSS, brought it home, and used it immediately...I never do felt good not to hoard it...but I'm already thinking I need to go back to the store to get that bad?? It's not right??  I mean everyone has back-up of their favorite papers right...I mean, you need one to use and one to have...just in case you need it some day ...right?? RiGhT???  dang...I'm thinking I hear CriCKetS chirping out there....

Instead of using paper for the layers in the background of the sketch, I used buttons :)  I have to say that threading twine through all those buttons was just a squidge more time consuming than I thought it would be...but I do like how it looks :)

Here's a closer shot of those GorGeouS PTI SunFLowers and my buttons...

Thanks for looking!
Have a MarVeLouS MoNdaY!!

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