Saturday, September 10, 2011

...PoP the ToP...

Here's a cute packaging idea...I made it for  the BiRthdAY SunDaes ChaLLenge blog...

I hope it's ok that it's not a card ; )

I opened a pop top can from the bottom using a Pampered Chef safety can opener...filled it and glued the bottom back on.  Then I decorated the can and tied a balloon on was really hard to take a picture of  ;(

I wrote ~PoP the ToP~ on the was very festive!

Here's a close up of the can.  I used papertrey stamps and October Afternoon papers...

I opted not to decorate the top so it was easy to see just how you were supposed to open the packaging.  I filled it with a gift card and some candy.  

I love to give gifts this always messes with people's heads...they just can't figure out how you got their prize into a sealed can :)

Thanks for looking!
Have an AmAzInG Saturday!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Jen,
    For future reference, only birthday cards are allowed for the Birthday Sundaes challenge.

    Your gift is very cute!

    Thank you,
    Birthday Sundaes Owner