Tuesday, September 20, 2011

...5 MinuTe QuiCkIe...

My neighbor's birthday is today...and while the booze inside is a perfectly acceptable present :)  the glitter zebra bag...spectacular though it was, needed a little something...

But it was only going to get 5 minutes worth of something since I had a meeting to be at in 15 minutes...

All hail the Cricut!!...I cut out a "K" and it's shadow...hot glued them on...added a ribbon wrapped candle...and it looks like I'm thoughtful...  :)

Here's a close-up...SuPeR easy and fast...but quite a bit of bang for your buck...besides...how can you go wrong with black glittered zebra print and hot pink?!?!  (That's actually funny coming from someone who's house is all shades of tan and only wears jeans and black or white t-shirts!)  :)

And here's a picture of why I didn't have time earlier in the day to fuss with the bag....

Chocolate coated oreos on a stick in the middle of their production for the BaBy ShoWeR...I spent 6 hours Sunday setting up for that...another couple and the set-up should be done...but the food prep is just beginning...I sure hope I remember to take my camera on Saturday!

Have a TeRriFiC Tuesday!
Thanks for looking

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  1. The cookies are super cute! You better take that camera. So glad that the deadline is close! You'll knock 'em dead!