Saturday, August 20, 2011

...TreAt TiMe....

So Bunco was last night and we needed treats...cuz that's what bUnCo is all about...the treats...and maybe the gossip...but mainly the treats. 

 My mom was hosting, but since I needed to try out the recipes for truffles that I am making for my sister-in-law's baby shower,  I made dessert...

Here they are...truffles....OrEo, ChOcoLaTe cHiP CoOkiE DouGh, and CaKe got a little messy in the kitchen, but they were really easy to make.  I found all the recipes together here ...(thank you soooo much Landeeseelandeedo!!) and since it was my first time making them, I did it ExAcTLY like the recipe said...

My boys did a little pre-bunco taste test and they were approved to go :)

Here's a top view so you can see the decorations...again...for this batch, I did it jUsT like the recipe said to...for the shower, I'll brighten up the sprinkles and make them color coordinated...and I might drizzle colored chocolate on the OrEo ones instead of plain chocolate...but other than that, I'm sticking with what the GeNiUs behind all these recipes says...because they are deeeeeeeelicious!!

Here's a fun little side view sneak peek that shows the baby shower pink...limey green, and purple...bright and happy...should be fun!

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