Monday, August 15, 2011

...past projects...

Sorry for there being nothing newly made here for the last few's been the scrapbook ShOp HoP here in So I've been busy buying goodies for future projects :) 

Until I can get something  made with my amazing new paper and ribbon and chipboard and get the's an older project...

This was the Day Care project for Mother's Day last year...

We made silhouette breakfast in bed trays...They were really easy and turned out super cute...I'm just sorry I didn't make myself one :) 

 I took a profile picture of each child, printed it out on copy paper, cut out the silhouette, then just flipped it over, painted it black and mod podged it onto my painted tray...a few more coats of sealer and it was all done.

I packaged them in a big bag with a muffin, bottle of juice, and a card the kids made...along with a note (that was to be opened on Saturday)  to the dads telling them that they could add fresh flowers, fruit, coffee, eggs, or anything else they thought their deserving wives might like...and that they should help their child serve mommy breakfast in bed...the moms all LoVeD it!  They got breakfast and a cute keepsake...a nice way to start Mother's Day!  :)

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  1. Those are brads??? FANTASTIC! Really like the overall look!