Wednesday, August 24, 2011

...FiRsT DaY of ScHoOL...

Today is Connor's first day back at school.  As usual, I made little prizes for all of his past teacher's to help them get through the day ! :)

I already posted one, but here are the rest of them. 

 This year, Connor didn't want to help deliver them and chat up all his past teachers...he was too busy running off with the wolf pack...It was funny how they all congregated and then the pack just absorbed more boys as they arrived...I think I'm definitely going to be making LoTs of teacher bribes...prizes this year!!

I kept the treat boxes all the same, just used slightly different paper...the pink one is for his Kindergarten teacher...her favorite color is pink :)  Each box has a chocolate apple in it from See's.

...and here is the boy on the first day of school...looking pretty chipper!

...and here are his shoes...Sheesh!!...if there's ever a flood, he can just climb in one and paddle home!

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