Saturday, July 9, 2011

Here's the CrAfTy CuBbyHoLe...

So...I'm starting an all CrAfTy my family won't have to wade through pictures of cards and packaging and cookies to find a shot of my son. :)

Besides...I've gotten back into actually making things again instead of just collecting supplies...not that there is ANYTHING wrong with being a hoarder...oops, I mean collecter...but I kinda like to make things sometimes...I find it uses up supplies and then I have room to buy more...funny how that works....

I thought the best intro...and a good way to explain the blog title...would be to show pictures of my craft cubbyhole.

This area used to be a storage/crawl space that was where the octopus arms of our heating/AC pipes were...a few years ago, we found someone willing to take on making it into an inhabitable's really only inhabitable if you're a hobbit...the ceiling slopes something WICKED!!! It works for me because I'm a little height also has the side benefit of keeping my 6" tall husband out most of the time :)

Here's a picture as you enter the's off of our upstairs loft/family room...this wasn't originally supposed to be my space, it was where my husband had his desk and computer...but when he saw how much crapola...ummm, I mean how complete my selection of customizable goods, craftable items, and hobby supplies was, he graciously gave it up and moved across the room...thanks hon...YoU RoCk!!

That's Mack lying on the desktop...I share this part of the space with him...and my son...Connor does his homework here and that's a small portion of his legos...he might be a squidge over-indulged...I think it's an only child thing...that or maybe my parents didn't buy me enough toys when I was a child and I'm making up for it now...anyway...12X12 paper cardstock lives here, along with my Cricut, themed patterned paper, spare empty scrapbooks, paint, and assorted tins and containers waiting to be glitterized and prettified.

On the wall to the left (you can still see kitty's head on the bottom of the picture) are more of the white storage cubicles (from Target...eons ago) holding patterned paper by color, unfinished scrapbook pages, chipboard, rub-ons, punches, and more items that need embellishing to make them gift-able. Papertrey felt lives in big ole candy jars on top along with Cricut stuff and a Making Memories carousel that holds misc. stuff and dies that don't fit with the rest of my die storage. Up above is an AwESoMe shelf that my super handy (at times) hubby is ginormous and I love it!! It's kind of PTI-land up there...patterned paper pads, cardstock, ribbon, makes me happy to look at it :)

In the bins are border punches, Cuttlebug folders and plates, christmas ribbon, and Fawn Lawn and Paper Smooches sets. The jars on top hold small snippets of ribbon...ok...sometimes it's big pieces I'm too lazy to put away's a bit of a stretch, but I don't use them that often, so it works.

This is continuing along that same wall and you can tell by the WaCKy architecture that we've actually entered into the altered area...those peaked shelves are RIDICULOUSLY 2'...I have crap behind crap stored in there...hence the decorative curtains...they hide a multitude of sins! That adorable bird cage thing holds my stamps in CD cases...all PTI...but someday I may buy something else :) and there's plenty of room to grow!

Here's my's a giant glass covered slab of wood with some supports on top of even more Target cubbies...ceiling here is reeeeeeeally low!! have to pull out the chair, sit down, and slide in low...look how clean the desktop is!'s only like that because I moved 9 piles of stuff out onto the couch to take the picture!

Here's the next can totally see just how angled the ceiling is here...there are weird bump outs and nooks because all those octopus arm pipes had to go somewhere...that's also why the shelving on the opposite side doesn't go to the floor...the curtain you see hides a deep hole that houses my cutters and Scor-Pal. The contractor thought I was nuts when I told him I wanted him to put that in...and he was NOT happy about drywalling in there...

Here's the last sliver of wall that leads back out to the beginning...that's my cute son and hubby inside the O.... there's the tour...I'll post more details of storage later.

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