Monday, July 25, 2011

the aftermath...

gosh...this might better be described as CaRnAgE!!!

I probably shouldn't post these pictures...if you have a sensitive stomach or are delicate in any way...look away now!!!

 So, on Saturday, PTI hosted the Stamp-a-faire...I couldn't go, but wanted to play along at home with the challenges Nicole Heady posted on her blog...

I made 7 of the 9 challenge cards...which I thought was pretty good considering I still had to feed breakfast and lunch to the boys and then fit in going  to my parents for dinner...

The problem with all that creativity is.....comes ChAoS!!! least the lego mess isn't mine :)  

Notice the punch drawers hanging open, cuttlebug folders everywhere, and buttons spread all over the desk...

...curtains thrown open, baskets rummaged through, twine hanging...

...are there really even words here???  Really??  Holy Snap!!  The mess almost touches the ceiling!

I just kept pushing the previous mess back on the desk and making a new one right in front of me :) That's what everyone does right???

Overflowing trash can, stacks of cricut cartridges, and wow...that whole cutting board, die cut box, button mess is truly impressive!!!

I guess we all know what I'm off to do now! :)


  1. Oh the glory of card making chaos! I would never send a picture of my workspace-it looks a little like yours!!! My craft desk doubles as my photo studio so I am forced to tidy up a bit just to have room to take a pic! Dig your way out for a cup of coffee and have a great day! :)

  2. I know...atrocious isn't it?!? I wouldn't have put the pictures up if there weren't neat ones of the cubby already on there :)

    If you go to the link, you can see what it looks like about 1 day out of 50 :)